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coat-it at 3Seas Local Government Congress and Economic Forum

Future is now! That’s a perfect summary of STARTUP day event hold at 3Seas Local Government Congress and Economic Forum.

The Congress is renowned for bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts to discuss the latest trends and challenges in the startup ecosystem. It was truly an enriching experience to share insights, exchange ideas, and contribute to the vibrant discussions on fostering an environment conducive to the growth of startups and young businesses in the Lublin Region.

During the panel discussion, we explored various aspects crucial to the success of startups, including access to funding, mentorship, infrastructure, and collaboration opportunities.
Thank you Puławski Park Naukowo – Technologiczny for invitation and Piotr Kryjom, Ph.D for leading the discussion and big thanks to the all panelist for interesting insights

If you want to read more about the Congress go here:

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