Surface Functionalisation through Nanoscale Science


Every element has physical properties which can be measured and then deciding if it’s adequate, it can be used to manufacture different products and applications.

What we are doing is improving mechanical properties which were already initially improved by standard process (like electroplating). Our nanoadditives can significantly enhance also (apart from the most desidred corrosion resistance):

  • hardness and abrasion resistance (up to 70% more durable compared to a traditional coating),
  • wear resistance,
  • friction coefficient (by lowering it).

Thanks to these enhanced properties, items that work in difficult conditions can be used longer and are safer for users.

The coatings obtained with our additive also have a consistently high quality over the entire surface. Due to the applied solutions, nanoparticles settle evenly and make the coating have identical properties in each of its parts.


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