Surface Functionalisation through Nanoscale Science

Innovative Nanocomposite Coatings: A New Era of Surface Protection

In today’s world, where customer expectations are rising, and competition is becoming increasingly intense, there is a strong need for solutions that surpass standards and deliver true value. In this context, we introduce our revolutionary nanocomposite coatings – a perfect blend of innovation and product excellence.

The value we provide to our customers is highly versatile. Our nanocomposite coatings signify market recognition, as we deliver not just a standard product, but an upgraded one that exceeds expectations. We transform and modernize the coating application processes, optimizing them for flexibility and tailored to the individual specifications of each end customer.

One of the key benefits of our coatings is their durability. We enhance corrosion resistance, significantly prolonging the service life of surfaces. Our solution also offers superior mechanical properties compared to single-component coatings, giving customers a competitive edge.

The introduction of our nanocomposite coatings is remarkably easy, as they are compatible with commercially used metal coating baths. Customers only need to adapt to the new technology without modifying their entire process.

Our solution reduces process time by eliminating the need for prolonged bath mixing before coating application. Furthermore, our technology contributes to economic optimization by ensuring a uniform distribution of nanoparticles during application, resulting in excellent surface quality.

We take pride in the eco-friendliness of our technology, ensuring it is safe for both the environment and humans. Our nanocomposite coatings minimize negative environmental impacts and meet the highest safety standards for users.

Our innovative nanocomposite coatings address various challenges faced by our customers. We tackle issues related to time-consuming processes, limited economic efficiency, technical complexities associated with nanopowder addition, corrosion of functional and structural materials, inadequate surface properties, resistance to corrosion caused by microcracks in the coating, uneven distribution of solid-phase particles, bath stability, imperfections in metallic protective coatings, difficulties in adapting products to industry-specific requirements, unavailability of surface coating services for hard-to-reach areas, excessive pre-processes, and environmental control.

We believe that our nanocomposite coatings will enhance efficiency and quality across different industries. By introducing our coatings, we aim to transform the industry and create a better future for our customers.

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