Surface Functionalisation through Nanoscale Science


There is probably no industry as crucial for our todays’ world and day to day operations as oil & gas industry. With so many petroleum-based products which are ranging from fuel to face creams, one is always very close to this industry. Not many know though, how important part plays the metal finishing to keep this chain in proper and ongoing working order.

Corrosive fluids, gases and seawater have a devastating impact on properties of pipes, valves and other components if they were left unprotected. The use of complex alloys or stainless steel is very expensive and at the same time may cause many manufacturing challenges.

Electroplated as well as electroless coatings come in handy for this market segment. The most important process protecting the components is Electroless Nickel. It has been used significantly from 1950’s and has delivered reliable field service ever since. It is estimated that nearly 15% of all used Electroless Nickel is somehow related to oil industry. It might be petroleum exploration, refinery or delivery to end-users.

In this industry you can see that composite coatings are being used and definitely the future lays within nanoparticle-based coatings to further enhance properties and performance.

Our aim is to strengthen actual coatings with our nano-additives. These particles which are incorporated in dispersed additive enhance corrosion protection, wear resistance, lower friction and can increase lubricity. We work also on additional functionalities so that the materials are able to detect corrosion and wear- which may prevent many accidents and serious failures before they actually happen.


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