Surface Functionalisation through Nanoscale Science


Our day to day life is full of products which were electroplated in part or in full. If it’s garden tools, bicycles, fitness articles, musical instruments, camping accessories optical frames, pans and pots, cosmetics, watches, rods, reels, hooks, etc. all of them have been treated with the use of electroplating process.

If it’s Chromium, Nickel or combination of these two elements with Copper, Brass or Precious Metals it always increases the looks and the functionality of the product. From the technical perspective functional layers are responsible for increasing corrosion and wear resistance. Plated components need to receive also anti-tarnish and aesthetic effect which has to be topped by colour finishing.

Where is coat-it in this process?

By adapting our additive to the actual process, we can enhance the most valuable mechanical properties of the product at the same time not influencing its aesthetic effect. We can also add new functionalities which can improve the utility of the product: superhydrophobic, catalytic self-cleaning, self-healing, etc.. Just let us know what you’re looking for.


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