Surface Functionalisation through Nanoscale Science

FURNITURE & Lighting

Furniture is all about being trendy, fashionable and eye-catching but at the same time practical, smart and durable. So in technical world it means highest possible decorative qualities brought together with excellent corrosion protection are essential for decorative market.

The main areas of interest of this market are Furniture and Lighting.
It has always been hard for producers to balance between the decorative attributes and highest performance of materials. Many times the products were becoming ‘good looking’ but there were lacking the reliability or the other way round, the producer had to focus on technical parameters and give up with up-to-date design.

At the moment there are many parts, both consumer goods and household products which are enhanced with electroplating. This can be as well metal or plastic structure. This effect needs to have both functionalities of decorative market- has to secure the product and give it the spark and shine it requires to catch the eye and be aesthetic.

We want to put the minds of designers and producers at ease, so they don’t have to face difficult decision anymore and choosing between technical & functional versus decorative & designer assets of the manufactured product.

Our products can end this way of thinking. With our nanoadditives the products can be beautiful, have the designer touch and at the same time be functional and reliable for longer. You design the way it looks, we design how to significantly extend its lifetime.


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