Surface Functionalisation through Nanoscale Science

Electronics & Electrical

What is the nowadays state of the art of the Electrical and Electronics Industries? It is the constant and continuous change and growth. It is developing at the same speed as the infrastructures of Internet and Telecom industries are expanding. One cannot forget here also about Energy, Building and Consumer Goods which also are responsible for high and stable demand. Giving a thought to the electronics industry: it decreases product life cycles and at the same time increases global availability mostly through optimizing of supply chain.

In Internet and Telecom sector companies are obliged to evolve continuously, otherwise they lose their competitiveness in the global market. Consumer goods require in most cases the same assets- in ITC sector it is the same. Product has to be decorative and functional. In this sector it is essential to combine the creative design, which is up-to-date with actual trends, with advanced functionalities. Both these assets have to be available for global production volumes.

What is needed from our side?

For sure excellent corrosion protection properties. If it’s washing machine housings, 5G antennas, connectors, vehicles, planes, computers and hardware or other products- all of them require to be corrosion resistant. What is more the industry is constantly looking also for decrease of weight and cost. If application of coatings on aluminium and engineered plastics is needed, we are here to back it up with our nanoadditives which create the space for reduction of use of non-renewable resources such as aluminium and for decreasing of coating thickness.


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