Surface Functionalisation through Nanoscale Science


Building & Construction industry is usually associated with bricks, lots of concrete or huge steel structures. However you might not even be aware of how finished surfaces are common in these industries. The whole industry requires much more parts and elements and we often tend to forget about big amount of plated parts, which are essential for protection of our homes and offices against corrosion, wear and tarnishing. Well one might also want to have a new metallic colour or something that is up to date with latest trends…

Think about window parts, fasteners, fittings, door frames, door handles, bath taps, radiators…

Especially when you consider your own house or flat, you definitely put stress on appearance, design and more and more also on environmental awareness.

We can back up producers with enhancing mechanical properties and adding new functionalities to surfaces. This could be self-cleaning, superhydrophobicity or antimicrobial.

We provide very high level of corrosion protection to the surface and therefore excellent weather resistance.

Thanks to our solutions, products can last longer and keep some of their mechanical properties even for product lifetime. Additionally with use of our additives you are using less non-renewable resources, so it’s a win-win situation for you and for the environment.

Zinc and nickel plating with our additives can do miracles and we can make it happen.


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