Surface Functionalisation through Nanoscale Science


Surface treatment in the Aerospace Industry is always a challenge to bring additional strengths and properties to metallic and non-metallic parts (composite materials, plastics).

Electroplating has the task to provide mechanical, electrical and aesthetic properties to parts and components. As to mechanic properties, it improves the resistance to wear including abrasion, extreme temperature exposure, corrosion resistance or hydrophobicity.

With use of our knowledge, dedicated R&D services as well as already existing products, we are able to improve the mechanical properties of long list of parts used in the industry.

As a company dedicated to constantly improve products which are available on the market we possess independence and required flexibility to develop and enhance the final surfaces by adapting to your existing processes for all applications.

If you think coat-it in Aerospace industry, you should always consider all three main segments, i.e. Protection, Functional, Decoration.


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